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Building the Foundations of a Quality Community in Hollywood, CA

The Yucca Corridor Coalition of Property Owners and Managers (YCC) was formed in 1994 as a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization in response to a need to rid the community of crime, blight, and an extreme deterioration of the quality of life of those who lived in the Corridor.

Working with Council Member Jackie Goldberg, the Yucca Corridor was designated as a target area under the Neighborhood Recovery Program of the City of Los Angeles.

Adopting a mission to pursue a way of life in the Yucca Corridor that would enhance the quality of life of all those who live, work, or visit in the area, YCC embarked on a journey which today sees a community that is considered a model for the entire City.

Working with the Los Angeles Housing Department, the Coalition established the area as a Neighborhood Preservation and Recovery Program participant. YCC worked closely with the City Attorney’s Office, The Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, Legal Aid, and Council District 13 Office in abating the crime and blight which was prevalent in the 1990′s.

During the ensuring years, working in conjunction with the Hollywood Beautification Team, YCC has planted over 80 Queen Palms, and has conducted numerous graffiti removal/abatement programs and general cleanup campaigns, all with community involvement.

YCC developed and coordinated a two-phase Beautification Project in the entire Corridor.

Phase One of this Beautification Project included the creation of the northern “Gateway to Hollywood” at the Triangle¬† median located at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Cahuenga Boulevard.

Phase Two, now underway, includes some site updates and lighting the 30-foot triangular “HOLLYWOOD” sign with programmable LED lighting, similar to the lighting installation along Sepulveda Boulevard along the Los Angeles Airport corridor.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the “Light Your Legacy!” fundraising campaign to light the “HOLLYWOOD” sign in the “Gateway to Hollywood” median and maintain the median in perpetuity in your name or the name of your company or organization.


Membership in the YCC is open to all residents, property owners, property managers, and business owners in an area bounded on the west by Highland Ave., on the north by Franklin Ave., on the East by Vine Street, and on the south just north of Hollywood Blvd.

CLICK HERE to learn more about YCC Membership.

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