Visionary Enterprises Launches “Light Your Legacy!” Endowment Fundraiser

“Light Your Legacy!” is your opportunity to light the “HOLLYWOOD” sign and maintain the northern “Gateway to Hollywood” in your name in perpetuity.

Visionary Enterprises, in collaboration with the Yucca Corridor Coalition of Property Owners and Managers (YCC), has launched a major fundraising effort to find a single individual, company/corporate or organization to endow the northern “Gateway to Hollywood” median located at the intersection of Franklin Ave. and Cahuenga Blvd.

The endowment will fund upgrades to the current site, light the 30-foot triangular “HOLLYWOOD” sign that is seen by millions of residents and visitors annually coming into or leaving Hollywood from this northern route, and maintain the “Gateway to Hollywood” median in their name in perpetuity.

CLICK HERE to visit for more information about this fundraising effort and to apply to become the singular endower.

  1. Merle Singer says:

    As one of it’s community beautification programs, The YCC, in collaboration with the city of L.A., broke ground for its upgrade of the ‘Gateway to Hollywood’ triangular median in 2002 and erected the 25-foot ‘Hollywood’ triangular tower sign in March, 2003.

    Since then, the sign has remained unlit due to budget constraints.

    We’re extremely glad that Visionary Enterprises has stepped in to assist us in lighting the sign and raising the funds necessary to endow the upgrades to and maintenance of the ‘Gateway to Hollywood’ and the sign in perpetuity

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